Emulating tapes/disk via linux/*bsd ?

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 24 08:20:40 CST 2005

Quick check to see if anyone's ever tried this. (where "tried" =
"written some code to do so")

In theory one could hook up a system running linux/*bsd with a SCSI
controller present acting as a target rather than initiator, and have
the machine pretend to be a tape drive, hard disk etc.

I have no idea if the linux / *bsd kernels (or card drivers) support
running as a target, or if the necessary hooks are present into user-
land (eg. via 'sg') to allow user code to do the emulation, though. 

Just thought I'd ask if anyone's attempted to do it before...
(personally I can write sg device code, but I'm by no means a kernel



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