hp2114 basic

Tim Riker Tim at rikers.org
Sun Mar 27 20:27:55 CST 2005

 From what I hear, the system I used was not one of the TSB series. I'm 
still interested in trying it out. I don't see binaries online anywhere. 
Can someone point me to them?

I never did any admin on the systems as a student. I only had access 
using BASIC. I have booted up SIMH with the hp basic stand alone, and 
it's similar but lacks some features our system had like string variables.


I see on jeffs site the source tapes for 22255 "Four user BASIC". 
Perhaps this is the system we were running? 2 CRTs, one ASR-33 and a 
card reader would mean 4 users, correct?


Anyone willing to give be instructions on how to get the files 
assembled? I would think I'd load something like the "extended assember" 
via PTR:


jump someplace? and then feed in each of the basic tapes on the same PTR?

My experience has been with Linux on all kinds of hardware, from x86 
servers and desktops to alpha, sparc, ia64, mips, ppc, sh3, and many arm 
systems. Most recent work is with ARM boxes. I was deeply involved with 
the SHarp Zaurus release while working at Lineo (or Embedix, or 
Metroworks, or whatever they call themselves now).

I have simh up and running. Not the same without the blinking lights. 
Perhaps Jay's emulator will have blinking lights?

We did a version of VNC for the Zaurus that had a "skin" which was a 
scanned image of the device. I envision the same interface on an 
emulator. click the buttons with the mouse, turn the key to lock/unlock, 
  Would be nice to have a tape reader with audio and perhaps a mag tape 
too. ;-)

There used to be some internet accessable simh access systems running. 
Are they still? I notice that simh just loops like the actual machine 
would. This means it eats up 100% cpu all the time. Seems to me that 
should get hacked somehow to detect "idle" states, and select() 
someplace for a short ammount of time instead of looping all the time. 
If I ran the simulator on my Zaurus it would suck the battery dry in no 
time. We can't have that can we? ;-)

Well, thanx in advance for the help. I look forward to trying out the 4 
user basic environment and see if it's what I recall.
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