Help! SC/MP Programming Question

Stan Barr stanb at
Tue Mar 29 14:29:13 CST 2005


Lawrence Wilkinson said:

> I am sure that @0(Px) is wrong, it should be @1(Px).  Looking in my (not
> very) trusty Osborne book, it has @0(Px), I wouldn't trust it.  I have
> some nice old EA article here, they use @1(Px).  Maybe there is some
> reason to use @0(Px) in place of 0(Px)?

I'm sure yoy're right, I've never seen @0(Px) used anywhere as far as
I can remember.

Also, remember that if the displacement is zero or positive it's added
_after_ the contenets of the address have been fetched/stored, if the
displacement is negative it's added _before_ the operation.

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