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Nice work Michael, thats a lot of work.


Michael Holley wrote:

> For those of you that answered over 50 on the age question, you 
> probably grew up reading Popular Electronics magazine.  (For the U.S. 
> folks anyway.)
> In the five year period between 1967 and 1971, Southwest Technical 
> Products Corp. (SWTPC) published over 50 articles in Popular 
> Electronics written by Daniel Meyer, Don Lancaster, Louis Garner and 
> others. The idea was to write a construction article then sell the 
> circuit board and kit of parts. Daniel E. Meyer started DEMCO in 1964 
> and incorporated as SWTPC in 1967. The company lasted until 1986 and 
> had over 100 employees the 1970s. Don Lancaster was not an employee, 
> he just got royalties.
> Around 1975 SWTPC came out with computer and terminal kits. Don 
> Lancaster was turning out Cookbooks by then (RTL, TTL, CMOS, etc) and 
> started doing musical projects for PAIA. They parted ways.
> I have been collecting old issues of Popular Electronics and Radio 
> Electronics and scanning a selection of SWTPC projects. This is a 
> history of kits like FM wireless microphones, reverb adapters, musical 
> instruments, audio amps, strobe lights, digital clocks, and digital 
> test equipment. Most of the members of this list have built several of 
> these things over the years. For example, there are some Nixie tube 
> projects in Feb 1970, Dec 1970 and Feb 1971.
> I have almost finished with Popular Electronics and have posted them 
> to my web site. I will add to the Radio Electronics  page next. 
> (Thanks to Jay West for providing the space.)  I am scanning the 
> magazines at 300 dpi and storing them as tiff files. I downsize them 
> to 150 dpi JPG files for the web. I have over 1.5 GB of magazine tiff 
> files. I will make them available on a DVD ROM for those who want 
> them. My whole web site will fit on a CD-ROM. I will provide details 
> on how to get these in a few weeks. (I am not looking to make any 
> money on this.)
> http://www.swtpc.com/mholley/magazines.htm
> I also have a 1971 SWTPC catalog with a list of which Popular 
> Electronics issue each product came from.
> http://www.swtpc.com/mholley/Catalog7/Catalog.htm
> Michael Holley
> www.swtpc.com/mholley

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