I'm getting out: Components Available, Part 2 (RAM/EPROM/etc.)

Rich richard.beaudry at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 20:16:32 CST 2005

Hello all,

For many reasons, which I don't care to detail, I'm getting out of the 
"business" of vintage computing (In fact, I'm no longer subscribed, so don't 
reply to the list, because I won't get it).  95% of my collection has been 
sold, given away, or dumped, and I only have a few more items, plus the 
components listed below.

I am offering these components to the best offer, plus shipping from MA, USA, 
Zip Code 01473.  I *strongly* prefer PayPal, but will take USPS Money Order 
(*no other payment methods, please*).

These components have been stored cool and dry, but are untested.  Also, many 
of them have *not* been stored in anti-stat drawers, so please keep that in 
mind.  I will ship on anti-stat foam if posible, or wrapped in foil if I am 
unable to put them in anti-stat foam.  Vast majority of date codes are in the 
80's and some 90's.  I'm not sure what a lot of these even do, and I 
don't have datasheets, so you're on your own identifying them :-)

I'll keep the bidding open until 11/8, midnight, my time.

If you are interested, please contact me *off-list* 
(richard.beaudry at gmail.com) with offers, and let me know your ZIP or 
so I can estimate shipping.  I will let the final list of people know on 11/9 
(or thereabouts) by email what they can get.

Here's the list:

Qty.	Item.
2       WD 8250PL-00
1       MT8804AE
1       SMC FDC9229BT
1       Inmos IMS1420P10L
1       Reticon R5632
1       MC6850P
1       GI ER-3400
5       Integrated Devices (?) 6116
8       NEC D4016C-2
5       Fairchild MB8416A-15
6       HMS HM3-2064-5
12      Sony CXK5864PN-12L
1       TI SBP9989NJ (64-pin DIP, same size as 68000)
80      Signetics (?) 74F373N
3       Hitachi HM62256P-12
1       MCM 6064 P10
1       MCM 6064 P12
6       ST "Zeropower RAM" MK48Z02B-20
8       ISSI IS61C64A-20N (skinny-DIP cache RAM)
9       MT 5C2568-20 (skinny-DIP cache RAM)
8       Intel D2147-3
2       Intel D2149H-3
12      Intel D2149H-2
1       AMD AM9149-55DC
175     OKI M41256-10
50      ceramic case 2764 EPROMs, Intel, AMD, Hitachi, Fairchild -- All used, 
w/ stickers covering windows
4       Intel D27128A, used w/ stickers
1       Intel D27128A-2, used w/ sticker
2       Intel D27128A-3, used w/ stickers
1       Intel D2716, used
1       AMD AM27128A-15DC, used w/ sticker
23      mixed ceramic 27C256, used w/ stickers
4       AMD AM27C512-250DC, used w/ stickers
8       AMD AM27C512-120DC, appear to be NOS
70      mixed-vendor 6264 
62      Toshiba TMM2016P
36      MT1259-12
81      mixed-vendor 4164
56      mixed vendor ceramic 2732, all used w/ stickers
107     mixed-vendor 2114
3       25-pin right-angle PCB mount connectors, male
3       25-pin right-angle PCB mount connectors, female

Rich B.

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