HP 7978 9-track tape drive - docs?

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at hachti.de
Sat Nov 5 16:09:50 CST 2005

> THanks Stan. If Al isn't interested in scanning (which I'd be surprised if
> he wasn't) I will.

Now my drive's power supply has collapsed while I was programming the 
first instructions on the hpib bus :-(
I could use a schematic of the power supply......


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>>Subject: RE: HP 7978 9-track tape drive - docs?
>>>Don't have the docs, but would be very interested in a set.
>>Also have a 7978
>>>I'd like to understand self-test codes for.
>>>If someone should have docs please reply on list.
>>I'll bring the diag/docs manual I've got to VCF, to
>>loan it to Al, if he's interested in it.
>>Stan Sieler
>>sieler at allegro.com

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