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Sat Nov 5 10:05:35 CST 2005

With the sad passing of Don S last year, one of the founders of the 
Wisconsin Computer Society in the 70's, his window finds she must finally 
begin the process of disposing of a basement full of stuff. Don was a 
life-long experimenter and user of computing equipment which has mostly 
found its way into the classification of "classic." Don and I 
used/programmed DEC PDP-11 and Altos CP/M and MP/M machines together at 
more than one job.

Here's a list of items that must go. Ideally, a small number of people 
would take this collection, so as to not divide it all up and make 
shipping/pickup complicated. If the person who wants the Altos computer 
wants the disks, I will probably fish out all the Altos, MP/M and 
application (not the Milenium Systems disks) and bundle that with the 

The drive cabinet can go separately. Anything I suspect is DEC-related can 
go separately. The Millenium stuff is probably a separate item as well, 
unless someone wants all of it. If there's no interest in this collection 
as large units, it will go in smaller chunks to whomever wants it.

She's not looking for money for this material, but can't bear any costs, so 
S&H is on you, plus some $$ for packing materials. Local pickup would be 
much, much better.

Estate of Don S.
Photos are available for a few items:
Content listing based solely on written or printed labels, may be 
inaccurate, no further information (e.g. version numbers) is 
available.  “Assy” = Assembler


Altos Z80 based computer, CP/M, MP/M or ?, 208k memory, dual 8” Floppy, 
serial, parallel, etc.
Second Altos cabinet, dual Shugart 801 floppy drives, fan, and power supply 
only. No motherboard. Was used in a rack for DEC drives.


Manual, Shugart 1610-4 Intelligent Disk Drive Controller
MP/M II Programmer’s Guide (photo)
MP/M II User’s Guide (photo)
MP/M II System Guide (photo)
Digital Research CP/Net Network Reference Manual (photo)
Link-80 Operator’s Guide
Digital (DEC) Logic Handbook 1970
Manual: Adaptec ACB-4000 Series Disk Controller

Eight-Inch Floppy disks on East wall shelves

Utilities (shareware)
dBase II
Ashton-Tate ZIP
CP/M modem programs
Supercalc V1.12
9250 Diagnostic
LK Link Parsing Util
Turbo Tutor
Pascal MT+
MP/M 1.14 (Millenium Systems)
Wordstar  (Millenium Systems)
Z80 assembler  (Millenium Systems)
MP/M 1.16  (Millenium Systems)
MP/M 1.16 + Wordstar 2.10 + MSI Utils  (Millenium Systems)
6809 Assy + 8048 Assy + Z8000 Assy + MSI util  (Millenium Systems)
Z80 Assembly  (Millenium Systems) + Convert.prl  (Millenium Systems)
9516 software release  (Millenium Systems)
9520 demo programs  (Millenium Systems)
9520 diagnostic  (Millenium Systems)
Pascal Mt+  (Millenium Systems)
CP/M  (Millenium Systems)
Wordstar ver 3.0
Wordstar 950 (possibly for Televideo 950?)
CP/M  (Millenium Systems)
ZAS.COM + ZLK.COM + Z8TINS  (Millenium Systems)
6800/6802 Assy  (Millenium Systems)
SA 120-1 Alignment Diskette (Shugart?)
Wordstar 3.0 + Mailmerge + Spellstar
ISIS V4.2 System
TCS Accounting (9 disks)

Eight-Inch Floppy Disks on North Wall Shelves

Altos Diagnostic (2 disks)
MP/M (Altos)
CP/M 2.02
Box of approx 80 disks, some RX01, some CP/M or MP/M, e.g. games, utils, 
Zork, JRT Pascal, etc.
Box of approx 40 disks, mostly CP/M  MP/M, e.g. dBase II, Modem 7, BDS C 
1.44, user group software, terminal programs, terminal programs, ALGOL, 
FORTH, BASIC, Fortran, Tiny C, Mp/M, Dazzler, PALASM
Osbourn Accounting
CP/M 2.24
DEC disks, probably RX01: TECO etc (black cardboard box)
CP/M + Wordstar
CP/M 2.24
Turbo for Altos
dBase II
Altos Diagnostic Executive 1.10 (original disk! pink box)
RT-11 boot disk (DEC)
Jade Computer Products Double-D Disk Controller CP/M 2.2

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