Modcomp Mini Photos

Ken kenacms at
Mon Nov 7 04:48:02 CST 2005

> A while back (month and a half) I put out notice for a Modcomp needing rescue
> at my local university surplus (UC-Santa Barbara, California).  Someone has
> saved it and is in the process of arranging pickup.   I promised photos to the
> list and here they are:
> Jeff

Thats a great save. Looks at first glance like a ModcompII. The circuit boards
are great.. From the labelling it was one of Johnson Controls JC80 Air
Conditioning and Control systems which used Modcomps as the processors.
At least it would have clean air. We had a JC80 system here in Sydney
Australia which ran the airconditioning for the Sydney Opera House through
to at least 1996 or so. It used Modcomp Classics 78xx but what you've got
there is earlier than that.

I have a range of Modcomps in my collection, ranging from 7870's through
to 9230's in the proprietary range, and 9820/30/40's in the Motorola VME
based systems, dating from an association in  Australia with Modcomp.

NASA used to and probably still has a lot of them for uses ranging from the
Deep Space Tracking Network to the Shuttle launches.. Modcomp made a VME
emulator of the ModcompII for NASA, to replace the orginal computers delivered
in the seventies, because it was easier to replace the Shuttle launch systems
with an emulator than to rewrite and recheck all the launch code..


Ken Kirkby Terrigal Australia.

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