Reliable 3.5" DSHD diskettes

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Nov 9 18:18:46 CST 2005

>    Bummer! I'd been thinking for years about trying that. Oh well it's a
> good thing that I have plenty of 9114 and HP-IL cassette drives. Now if I
> could just find a GOOD source of those darned tapes!

I'd settle for a source of good tapes ;-). Most of them have got pressure 
pad preoblems by now, alas. This can be cured (I wrote an article in the 
HPCC journal about doing this), but I am not sure how long-lived the 
result is.

Personally, I only use the 82161 tape drive to read tapes that somebody 
else gices me. I don't use it as a serious mass storage device for my own 


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