Discharging a VT100 CRT

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 9 19:55:19 CST 2005

Mine is what's described as a "Digital" board.  It looks very similar to the
Ball Brothers unit.  The flyback used is the same as the Elston one though.

Weird stuff.

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If I remember correctly there's a later varient which worked with the 
different ones.

IIRC most were Ball Brothers.


Allison wrote:

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>>How much are you asking for the monitor board?
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>>I have the logic board, power supply, and what we used to call the
>>board" in stock. I worked on a lot of these when I worked for Digital.  I
>>deal in DEC parts.
>>Thanks, Paul
>Make sure it's the correct one.  There are three versions for the differing

>monitors.  The monitor portion were made for DEC to spec and could be 
>Ball brothers, Moto or I forgot. 

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