ZX80 - was: SN76477N

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 10 19:14:29 CST 2005

> I wonder if there's a collector's  market for Muntz TVs?  I suspect that
> you probably had a version of "Madman Muntz" on your side of the pond.  In

Probalby the nearest equivalent is Alan Sugar (Amstrad). Their products 
are also cheaply made (but tend to work better than Sinclair!), and I am 
sure some people collect them.

Amstrad, of course, sold PC near-compatibles where the PSU was in the 
monitor (one SMPSU for the monitor and computer), where the real-time 
clock battery was a set of 4AA cells that fitted into the top of the 
system unit (with no cover -- the cover was the monitor base), a laptop 
which was wider than a PDP11 (seriously, it's got a full-size 102 key 
keyboard. and other similarly 'interesting' products.

Still, for some reason I acturally prefer them to Sinclair's offerings. 
It may well be because my first computer as a Sinclair (MK14), and I had 
so many problems with it (both from the manual and the ridiculous design) 
that I never want to suffer one of his products again.


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