Collecting, was: ZX80

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Nov 10 19:27:01 CST 2005

> Yikes.  Topic drift.
> Some things are valuable because they are rare.  And some collectors 
> revere things mostly if they are rare.  Then, some people just want one 
> of each design of some category of thing and a few examples just 
> _happen_ to be rare. 
> In my humble opinion, a hobby category becomes fairly tedious and 
> boring when it becomes a matter of 'rarity for the sake of rarity' for a 

I tend to use the term 'Stamp Collector' for such computer collectors. 
They are the sort of people who rarely look beyond the outside case -- 
they'll spend time and money to track down some varient with an odd 
external feature, even though it's the same inside. Or they'll ignore 
varients where there are significant (and interesting) internal changes.

The other thing about such people is that they tend to not bother about 
anything but the procrssor (keyboard/processor for home computers, of 
course). They don't grab the peripherals (particularly not 3rd party 
peripherals) or software. Great pity. Those bits are often more interesting.

I am not a collector, at least not in the normal sense. Yes, I have some 
pretty rare stuff. And some very common stuff. But in gneeral if I've 
actively looked for someting, it's becuase I am interested in some desing 
feautre of it (of course if somebody's throwing something out, I have 
this habit of rescuing it, which is how I ended up with things like a C64...)


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