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Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sun Nov 13 02:05:58 CST 2005

>Hi, by the standards of what I've seen here, I'm a computer novice, 
>but probably no less zealous! I've got a few questions:
>Is this starting a new thread?
>And, how do I respond to a specific thread? I've got an operating 
>HP7596A, and a parts plotter (not 7596A) that's pretty much picked 
>over,but I wanted to respond to the question/thread about the 
>Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the list.  Of course you realize that we're all quite mad here :^)

Yes, this is starting a new thread.

As for replying, just hit reply on whatever email client you're using 
while reading the message you wish to reply to.  This is a mail list, 
and the email client should handle directing it to 
cctalk at with the appropriate subject header.


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