Fortune Systems (Brands you never hear much about)

Doc Shipley doc at
Sat Nov 12 15:03:37 CST 2005

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 11/12/2005 at 12:34 PM nospam212-cctalk at wrote:
>>I have a couple of Fortune systems and some doc but
>>they're incomplete so I have done much with them yet. 
>>If I ever find enough stuff to get them working I
>>will.  We looked at Fortune years ago when my dad's
>>company was looking for a multi-user system for the
>>office.  Kind of liked it at the time but the picked
>>an Altos instead as the company seemed a bit more
> The company was hyped quite a bit with a healthy (for those days) dose of
> startup capital; my impression of the firm from my position as a contractor
> was that an awful lot of money was wasted just fooling around with things
> not directly related to product development.  I believe that their entry
> system target price was $5000, not bad in those days.

   When  I got the Fortune stuff I mentioned in my earlier post, I did 
some research.  Almost all the references I found were newsgroup posts 
bemoaning the quality of both the 32:16 and of Fortune's customer 
service.  Nobody seemed surprised that Fortune didn't last.

> One very rare item from this company would be their color graphics
> terminal.  I've only seen a prototype, but someone told me that it had
> actually made it into production.

   Now that I've offered to give it away, that's probably the terminal 
I've got.  :\

   No matter, though - it's useless too me sitting in my garage.


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