ZX80 - was: SN76477N

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 10 07:33:52 CST 2005

Dave Dunfield wrote:
>>Today I was looking for something (A Cipher 525 tape drive) that I bought
>>NOS years ago and left in its original box.  I thought I'd found it, opened
>>the box and discovered a Sinclair ZX80 with the "A Course in BASIC
>>Programming" book.  The problem is that I don't remember getting this
>>thing--I'm sure I didn't buy it.   Maybe Dave McGlone tossed it in when we
>>were swapping junk years ago. (P.S. I did find the Cipher and discovered
>>that I bought two of them).
>>I don't know if it works, since I don't know the polarity of the 9vdc
>>adapter.  Either way, is this just common trash or is this actually worth
>>something?.  My wife suggested that I throw it out; she figures that if I
>>didn't even know that I had it after all these years, that I certainly
>>don't need it now.
> The ZX80 is the immediate predecessor of the ZX81/Timex-1000, which are
> VERY common. The ZX80 isn't quite so common, but I think there should
> be lots around - although I've not stumbled on another one lately.

They're actually pretty rare (even rarer if you can find a working one 
in a box!) and seem to change hands for a significant amount of money 
when complete  (sort of like a UK equivalent of the Altair in terms of 
ridiculous prices :)

In terms of monetary value against size / weight they're probably one of 
the most expensive machines around. I really don't know *why* that's the 
case, but there you go...

Anyone know how many were built? I would have thought a lot - yet ZX81's 
seem to outnumber them 50:1 these days...

> Don't toss it - Mines in sad shape (previous owner drilled holes to
> mount switches, broke the corner off the cabinet and lost the original
> integer ROM after upgrading to the FP rom) 

Our existing one's in much the same way - someone mounted a DB25 
connector into the case (actually half into the case; it's sticking out 
and held there with lots of glue). Plus the machine's dead. I am however 
picking up a working boxed one in a couple of weeks (no idea of cosmetic 
condition yet, but the current owner strikes me as someone who takes 
care of stuff)



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