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>Let me be clear on the IMS backplane--it's not a 12-slot model, but a
>4-slot version.  It appears to be factory-engineered this way and a glance
>at the rails in my Altair 8800 appears to say that this was intended for
>incorporation into a MITS box and not the IMS box.  Connection is obviously
>the MITS wire-by-wire method, not the IMS edge connector.
>I hadn't realized that IMS made add-ons for the MITS boxes, but here you
>have one.

Ah, IMS and IMSAI are not the same people.  I have a number of IMS boards
and they were also a s100 systems supplier, decent stuff too. 

IMS Corp.     >>> IMS
IMS Asoc Inc  >>> IMSAI

Two different companies.  IMS was a bit later time frame and did produce 
upgrades for Altair.  In fact just about everyone produced upgrades of 
one form or another.  Typically backplanes, power supplies, RAM, CPU and
of course FDC were often seen. About the only part not commonly upgraded 
in an Altair was the front pannel though that could be done as well.


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