VCF 8.0 Pictures

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Wed Nov 9 18:56:16 CST 2005

That's an original Google server from Boris Debic (who works at Google).

Not truly vintage in my opinion, but still quite interesting.

>>> did nobody truck in any big stuff? 

I think the working Babbage machine replica counts as big stuff!

Alas, it's true, VCF was light on Big Iron this year.  But for those who
haven't ever attended, don't let that scare you off.  This year was just a

I promise Big Iron at VCF East next spring!!

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Erik Klein wrote:
> I've just finished putting up a quick page for my VCF 8.0 pictures.

nice pics.

Obvious observation: did nobody truck in any big stuff? It looks to all be
home micro / desktop class stuff. The only larger item seems to be:

what the hell is that!? :-) Display data looks like some form of RedHat
Linux-a-like booting up...



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