valid classiccmp email addresss?

Jay West jwest at
Wed Nov 9 21:33:39 CST 2005

Jules wrote....
> I just noticed that Al (and occasionally a few others) send email to 
> 'classiccmp at' rather than the usual cctalk / cctech 
> addresses.
It's the original list address, before the cctalk/cctech views of the same 
list were implemented. It's still there as a valid entry to the list.

> Is that a valid address? It's obviously working, I just don't filter on it 
> in my mail client and was wondering whether I should be or not! :-)
> (IIRC that was the list address prior to the cctalk/cctech split a while 
> back, but I assume Jay might be ditching it one day if so)

Well, actually, perhaps just the opposite. It is possible that the 
cctech/cctalk views of the list will be rejoined back in to classiccmp. I've 
been thinking seriously about that for some time. First, bear in mind, they 
are the same list. Any post that is on-topic to EITHER list, is 
automatically copied to the other. So, you don't miss anything on-topic on 
either list from the other. They actually function as one combined list. 
However, any off-topic posts to cctalk are scubbed (manually) before 
reaching cctech.

At this time there are about 5 or 6 wonderful listmembers who do this every 
day, the cctech people owe them a lot of sincere thanks. It's time consuming 
and quite frankly a pain. It's a pain for them, and it's a pain for me too 
with regards to list configuration & setup. The pain has grown as the list 
has grown too.

I would have to be slightly more strict in moderation of a combined list 
(with regards to off-topicness) than the cctalk people would want, and 
perhaps slightly less strict in moderation than the cctech people would 
want. Perhaps there would be a happy medium.

I'm not ready to say this change is imminent, but, since Jules made the 
classiccmp at observation, I thought I'd bring it up that I've 
been giving it serious thought.



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