Was Ultrix for DECstations -- now DEC advances

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Sun Nov 13 18:09:34 CST 2005

>Subject: Re: Was Ultrix for DECstations -- now DEC advances
>   From: Bill Pechter <pechter at gmail.com>
>   Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 18:01:20 -0500
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>>>d|i|g|i|t|a|l had it THEN.  Don't you wish you could still buy it now!
>Came up with that one night thinking about DEC's UDA-50, HSC50 and 

With 8 uVAX of vatious types LAVC is really nice. Still cant do that
with a PC.

>DEC always had stuff that was easy for the end user.  Not always for the 
>programmer (TKB taskbuilder comes to mind...)  TKB had more options than 
>EMACS had special keystrokes.

TKB was strange and wonderful.

>I never did get along much with RSX as more than a user.  Coding under 
>RT11 was great and RSTS/E Basic Plus was slick.

RT-11 is my favorite PDP-11 OS and I have it for all my 11s.  RSTS/E
is one I used and liked.

>Multiuser Basic on RT11 was slick.

Never used it.  Would have liked to.

>I had 4 terminals off a PDT11/150 
>supplying different functions...  Program input on one, console on 
>another, monitor of memory on a third, serial printer on another.  In 
>60kb of memory.   There's a PDT11/150 selling on Ebay now.
>I thought about it but the storage was too limiting.

I have a PDT11/130 (tu58 in a vt100).  sloooow. Fun!

>Rumor has it some hacker at DEC took the signals off the bus and was 
>working on a hard disk that would look like an RK or something like an RL.

I can believe it.  IDE is a simple interface and can be made to look
like most anything with a brain dead 8048.

My favorite small 11 is a BA11VA shoebox with 11/23, 256kb ram, DLV11J
and MRV11(boot proms) with a TU58 emulator (8051 and for 128kx8 rams)
that is faster than the real tu58 and run RT-11 XM with bas RT11 in VM:

>>Thankyou for that!  Some of the things I was used to at DEC I still haven't 
>>found a PC version that is close.  If there ever was one that would be
>>VAXNotes, really great collaboritive tool.
>>Anyone ever do a wintel editor (NOT WORD) that had a single key for advance
>>cursor one word?  
>Hell.  I want a Decmate box just for WPS...

I have a DMIII for that reason runs OS278 and WPS.

>I've got WPS-80... but I'd love gold-key word processing on Windows...


>One time I tried getting SmallEDT up on CP/M 80...to give me EDT on CP/M.

Yucky.  For CP/M I have VEDIT and thats as clost to EDT ot VAXedt as 
you can get.  In command mode the same teco macros run. It's configurable
so a VT100 keypad does the expected EDT stuff.

Never got the PC version but it was supposed to be the same thing.

>The wife was amazed how easy WPS was to learn for an untrained novice at 
>the keyboard.  Wordstar was hell and WordPerfect required all the 
>special keyboard overlays...

My partner also like WPS still and uses PCs all day.  She was also a 
former digit and learned the DM/wps first and found the PC was crude.


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