=== IBM 5110 / 5120 terminator ===

Frederic BOSSU f5inl at wanadoo.fr
Sat Nov 12 13:36:34 CST 2005

Hi !

Could anyone give me the REAL pin assignment of the terminator used on the
IBM 5110 / 5120 systems ?

Has anyone build such a terminator ?

I tried to build one and I'm fed up with getting always the same error : I
can obtain the file list (using basic command UTIL DIR,D80 or UTIL DIR,D40)
but 5 seconds after giving me the file list, the systems blocks, the promt
disappeared and I must restard all... No led is lightning on the
pannel...Sometimes I get the 24 or 26 error code (''diskette error...''is
only said in my reference manual : what a help !).

Very strange diagnostic...

Thanks for your help ;-)


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