Smithsonian gets it wrong

Vassilis Prevelakis vp at
Sat Nov 12 17:54:52 CST 2005

"a.carlini at" <arcarlini at> wrote:
> > Vassilis Prevelakis wrote:
> > Hello?? The label says its a *MICRO*VAX, and if its a uVAX, then
> > its not a mini.  Also, calling the baby-sized uVAX a mini gives
> > visitors who may have never seen a mini-computer the wrong idea as to
> > what a mini-computer looks like. Sure I'll accept that its *compatible*

> I'd not call the MicroVAX a mini, but it *is* a VAX. 

Actually I agree, I got carried away in my original posting. 

My main objection is the mini designation. The uVAX is not a mini.

In the early 80s IBM produced a set of ISA cards for their original
PC. These cards implemented a large subset of the IBM 370 architecture
and the PC could boot some 370-compatible OS (I do not recall which
one). The called it the IBM PC/370. It was a 370 but I wouldn't
call it a mainframe, nor would I place a card next to it saying
IBM 370 MAINFRAME [...], and this is the model PC/370 
produced in (say) 1984.


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