Visual Technology - off brand

Degnan billdeg at
Tue Nov 15 12:13:04 CST 2005

Visual Computer Inc. made the "Commuter" (model 1083), and this was 
a portable with an LCD display.  

Visual Technology, Inc. is a different computer company, and they 
made a model called the 1050.


>This Company's products are also scarce on the web - maybe they 
were just 
>"another clone"  (although luggable).  A year or so ago I located 
a prior 
>employee who gave some background, including that he might still have 
>the schematics. They were made 1984-86.
>I've had no interest in the Visual 1083 I want to place, but I'm 
>a touch of off-brand discussion might change that.

-- E N D --

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