BASIC's question mark and PRINT

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Mon Nov 21 16:27:14 CST 2005

Jim Battle wrote:
> Palo Alto Tiny BASIC (li chen wang) didn't use this convention -- 
> instead it used "P.".

BBC BASIC used P. too, although the manual in front of me suggests that it 
wasn't until version 4 (circa 1985 probably) - I don't think prior versions 
supported token abbreviations (version 3 may have; this was produced purely 
for the US market).

The '?' token was used by BBC BASIC for peek and poke as I recall.

Print is listed in the manual as token #241.

(BBC BASIC was probably somewhat unconventional though in that it had 
functions and procedures, local variables, built-in assembler etc. and so was 
rather more advanced than most other BASICs around at the time)



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