Acorn Econet Fileserver

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue Nov 22 06:03:02 CST 2005

Tony Duell wrote:
> The E01 (seperate host adapter) officially supported only 1 E20 add-on 
> (contrary to what some web pages state). It's clear you can't connect 
> more than one E20, all the host adapters would respond to the same 
> address on the '2MHz bus' But ti's not clear to me if you could hack an 
> E20 to have more than one SCSI drive on the other side of the host adapter.

I'd forgotten about that; in ADFS-land, ADFS knew nothing about device IDs - 
everything was ID 0 and so the host adapter could still only have one device 
connected up to it. Maybe that was fixed for the Filestore's firmware though, 
as it always seemed like a silly omission.



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