NCD X-Terminals looking for a new home.

Alex Bochannek alex at
Sun Nov 27 19:04:04 CST 2005

I have a couple of X-terminals that I don't have time to work on and that are therefore looking for a new home.

The NCD19 would probably just work with the right download image. The NCD16 has a problem, which seems to be related to the memory. It does have a good CRT though (the square 16" 1024x1024 mono) and has server PROMs. Might be a good candidate for parting out. The IBM is a bit newer (and therefore a bit off-topic, sorry) and is an NCD OEM product. It's actually a network computer that supposedly does X, Windows Terminal Server, and some Java stuff.

June 1991
No keyboard or mouse
Ethernet AUI/Thinwire
Boot PROM V2.2.1
Cosmetic appearance fair

January 1991
No keyboard or mouse
Ethernet AUI/Thinwire
XServer PROM V2.3.0
Cosmetic appearance good
Fails self-test, possibly memory

IBM 8361-110
No keyboard or mouse
Ethernet 10BASE-T
Boot Monitor V3.0.7.2
Cosmetic appearance fair

I won't ship, but I can meet anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am not really asking for money for them, but would consider a trade if you have something I am interested in. Please respond directly in email.


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