Linux Floppy Install (Re: YATYRD)

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Oct 1 16:02:52 CDT 2005

> On 9/30/05, Ken Seefried <ken at> wrote:
> > From: Doc Shipley <doc at>
> >
> > >   IIRC, Slack v3.3 took 54 1.44MB disks.
> >
> > 54 floppies?'ve got more patience than me.
> I did it *once*... after that, I loaded the install images on a DOS
> partition and did a partition-to-partition install (UMSDOS for those
> that remember).  Mind you, I downloaded 100% of it at 2400 baud.

My linux installation procedure (not quite on-topic here yet) was a 
little less crazy. I have a CD-ROM drive, but it's an obscure Philips one 
(chosen because, amazingly, I have a service manual for it), and Linux 
doesn't support it.

I had a linux CD. I made the boot and root floppies from it, booted 
linux, partitioned the hard disk to have a couple of linux filesystems, a 
swap space, and, IIRC, 3 32Mbyte MS-DOS partitions (I needed those for my 
old MS-DOS stuff). Bootled MS-DOS, copied the linux files from the CD-ROM 
onto the MS-DOS filesystems, as much as would fit. Rebooted linux, 
mounted the MS-DOS filesystems, copied the files over onto the linux 
filesystem. Repeated about 5 times to get everything from the CD-ROM to 
the hard disk (including, of course, all the sources). FInally, copied 
the MS-DOS stuff onto said MS-DOS filesystems.


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