480z system disk on ebayu

Dan Williams williams.dan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 14:44:49 CDT 2005

> 480Z machines are hard to find now, although there' a plastic-cased one
> on E-bay at the momnet, I think. The older metal-cased version (black
> painted, like a 380Z keyboard) is, I am told. rarer.
> -tony
I missed that, but thanks for the hint. I am now the proud of owner of
a 480z with colour monitor and floppy drive.

There is a nimbus for sale as well, which says it comes with quite a
lot of software on 5.25". I'm guessing this is either 480z or 380z. Is
anyone on here bidding on it ?
I think I'll try and get it for those disks.


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