480z system disk on ebayu

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 14:46:37 CDT 2005

Dan Williams wrote:
>>Oh, it's worth keeping an eye out for a Nimbus Domesday system by the
>>way. They did exist, although I don't know of any survivors anywhere.
>>Other than that there's nothing really special about the Nimbus
>>hardware, it got boring after the 480Z days! (there's actually nothing
>>special about the Domesday Nimbus, except nobody seems to remember what
>>model of SCSI controller it needed)
> Funny you should say that a manual for the nimbus system is on ebay :

Hmm, I *think* that's a first edition; I'm pretty sure that's the manual 
we have, although we have a second edition (which contains a picture of 
the hardware on the front cover).

If I'm right, then that book's more of a user guide (obviously rather 
useful still!) - what I've not ever seen is any kind of technical manual 
which presumably accompanied the system (unless RML did something odd 
like send in support engineers to set up and administer their systems)

One day I'll bump into an ex-RML employee who can fill in details, but 
so far they seem rather elusive!



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