480z system disk on ebayu

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 4 15:24:02 CDT 2005

> Agreed - all the info I've seen suggests you provided your own. Just not 
> sure if the 480Z was the same deal or not (given that it's a much more 
> stylised machine)

And remember that the 40 column text VDU card in the 380Z even had the 
standard Astec modulator can on it, to link to a TV aerial input :-).

> > The 
> > We had 380Z's at school (heck, that's over 20 years ago!), they had those 
> > little 9" Hitachi monitors that come in a roughly cubical metal case on 
> > them. 
> Ahh, yep, I got one of those with my 380Z. Perhaps they were a standard 
> option (contrary to what I assumed above), or they were an option like 
> that when RML approached schools (or vice versa).

I got my 380Z at a radio rally, and it didn't come with any monitor at 
all. Not that that bothered me.

My guess is that RML did sell those Hitachi monitors for a time, or at 
least the standard supplier to schools listed them (did schools deal 
direct with RML, or was there a dealer in between?). They were common on 
many machines at that time, of course. And AFAIK that monitor was not 
even badged by RML

I would be suprised if RML started designing monitors for the 480Z. More 
likely, if they supplied anything at all with the RML name on it, it was 
a Microvitec Cub of some flavour.

> > While I was at school, we bought one RGB output module for the RGB board 
> > (you know, the bracket on the back with 4 BNCs).
> Reminds me, I need to fix mine (output module) on my 380Z. Can't 
> remember the details now (and it's a few thousand miles away :) but I'm 
> reasonably sure I remember it blowing the fuse in the PSU on the -12V 
> line when the board was connected, but the machine was fine otherwise. 
> Never got around to fixing it before I left the UK, but I don't imagine 
> there's much on the board to go wrong!

Well, the -12V line is used to power the emitter load of the 3 output 
transsitors, but said load is 3k3 or something. Most likely, there's a 
shorted decoupling capacitor on the board somewhere if it is blowing the 
-12V fuse.

> Of course it could be a fault with the RGB board itself I suppose...

What RGB board? The Hi-Res board has a 8 bit output, that's encoded to 
RGB by 3 resistor DACs on the little board behind the BNC sockets. Isn't 
that the board we're talking about.

> > It didn't come with a 
> > monitor, and AFAIK none was speficially recomended. I do remember 
> > dismantling the school's Barco colour monitor, and armed with a circuit 
> > diagram, adding  RGB inputs (Back then, schools were not so dumbed down 
> > that the kids weren't allowed to do anything even moderately dangerous, 
> > thankfully!)
> Heh, that's still pretty cool though. I imagine most schools of the time 

I dod remember learning a lot about monitors.....

> wouldn't want people taking expensive bits of kit apart (even if they 
> thought the person was competent).The ones I went to would have extended 
> to people making up their own cables etc. I think, but not delving 
> inside equipment!

FOr some odd reason they trusted me to take all sorts of fun toys apart 
and do intenral modifications. And to doing things after school that 
these days would be totally banned (making the CRT was one such project, 
I suspect :-().


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