CRT implosions

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Tue Oct 4 19:38:09 CDT 2005

> I'll never seen anything horrendous in so far as implosions.  I used
> to service Mac's "back in the day" and had to replace a few CRT's on
> the original Macs.  Apple would send the replacement monitor in a box
> and inside was another box that you placed the whole mac inside of,
> you'd follow the standard discharge and then purposely snap the tip
> of the neck off the back of the monitor before closing up the box and
> disposing of it, it was a scary moment the first time, but just a
> quick zip of air and it was done, never had anything happen, did a
> few dozen monitor replacements and disposals.

Yeah, a small crack in a not-particularly-stressed part of the tube is
rather unlikely to produce spectacular implosions.  (The evacuation
pinch-off is about as unstressed a part of the tube as it gets.)

I remember, as a kid, going to the village dump.  There were usually
some dead TVs with the cases gone, and I'd throw a rock into the CRTs
from as far away as I could throw rocks (even then I'd heard of CRT
implosion danger).  Never seemed to be much more dramatic than a glass
vessel of similar size and shape with no pressure differential, but of
course I was rather far away.  It also could be that a thrown rock is
not the sort of stress that produces implosion failures.

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