QuantumLink RELOADED Update

Jim Brain brain at jbrain.com
Wed Oct 5 09:29:51 CDT 2005

Just a quick note concerning the ongoing re-implementation of Q-Link:

We publicly unveiled the project at the Fall SWRAP EXPO in Chicago.  The 
demo went well, with many trying the service for the first time in 11 
years or more.

Prior to the EXPO, as noted in some places, we moved the server to a 
commercial hosting facility.  Mark Ponter and associates of Legend Tech 
  gave us space and bandwidth on their OC-3 connected co-located servers.

Following EXPO, I took a breather, and then started the next push, 
preparinng the rest of the system for the November 5, 2005 20th 

Work has now shifted from functionality to beefing up the 
infrastructure.  Code cleanup, refactoring, etc.

Last week, I added support for multiple screen names on an account (up 
to 5), and also added a questionaire to obtain City and State (and 
Country) information from users, to populate the "IDENTIFY" menu item in 
Q-Link PEOPLE CONNECTION.  I also added a feature to allow changing uer 
names on the fly without logging out of the service (something Q-Link 
had originally, but was removed throughout much of the original 
service's lifetime.)

This week, I am cleaning up the PEOPLE CONNECTION (chat) codebase, 
trying to squash a last remaining bug or two.  I am also working on a 
new feature to be hopefully unveiled this weekend.

Most of the base service is functional, with the exception of uploads 
(just need time to implement), Having the system pick partners for 
PEOPLE CONNECTION games,(not exactly sure how this worked, what the 
dialogs said, etc. Anyone who has information, email me please), and the 
Box Office (never worked in the real Q-Link either, but still... 
Mainly, the menu items and message bases need to be cleaned up and 
fleshed out.

Along the way, word was received on some of the Q-Link mailing lists, 
and a number of "classic" Q-Linkers have arrived back on the system (Sir 
Fitz, DonnaS4, KsLass, SkyLine, and the owner of Bonnie's Bar, BonnieB3, 
to name a few).  The stories they tell of the original service are 
worthy of a book (Qmoms, QDads, QMarriages, Qfamilies, Qbrothers, 
Qsisters, the QBashes, etc.).

On a further note, as part of the 20th Anniversary festivities, the 
system/service will be demonstrated by the reverse engineer guru 
himself, Keith Henrickson, at the Vintage Computer Festival on November 
5th and 6th in Mountain View, CA.  (http://www.vintage.org/2005/main/) 
I hope you can either attend the festival or log on during that time. 
We're lining up prizes and other fun activites for the anniversary.

A couple weekly items have started already.  Dark Vulcan has started 
weekly TRIVIA games in the PEOPLE CONNECTION TRIVIA room on Tuesday 
nights @8Central, and DonnaS4 has a ORPHANS room on Thursday nights for 
the returning Q-Linkers.

We even have a 2 minute video "trailer" that Fixxer made.  He is working 
on fleshing it out and making another.  Very impressive.  We'll post 
when they are ready.

More help is always appreciated.  If you have memories, would like to 
help in development, or just want to staff a room, please contact us.

More information is at:  www.quantum-link.org

Jim Brain, Brain Innovations
brain at jbrain.com                                http://www.jbrain.com
Dabbling in WWW, Embedded Systems, Old CBM computers, and Good Times!

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