8" floppy system needed to recover old game data

Nico de Jong nico at FARUMDATA.DK
Thu Oct 6 07:19:37 CDT 2005

Fra: "Kieron Wilkinson" <Kieron.Wilkinson at paretopartners.com>
> I'm afraid I am not very familiar with CPM systems. Could you please
> tell me why a conversion system is needed? Didn't they use similar FDC
> chips? I (perhaps naively) assumed it would be some sort of a
> NEC765-derived one and we could get a simple track-by-track dump...
Well, that does not really help very much, as a track-by-track dump does not
take the niceties of CP/M into account, such as directory structure and where
the various segments are written. As you speak about 8" disks, we also have to
take the segment size (often 256 or 512, on some formats 1024) into account.

A "photocopy" of a disk is possible using (MS)DOS, if you can find a
MicroSolutions Compaticard IV (I have one, and no, I dont want to part with it).
This card works very well; I once generated a bootable MS-DOS 3.1 (or 3.20?) 8"

The only (in my opinion) good solution, is software reading the CP/M (or
whatever) disk, and decode the filestructure etc., so you can write a nice,
continuous file.


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