Need ASR-32/33 in Brooklyn, NY area ASAP

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Oct 6 10:48:02 CDT 2005

> I shipped an ASR-32 into NY for a movie shoot and all was going relatively
> well until I tried to run a punched tape through.  Now wrong characters
> are being printed (i.e. C comes out as K, return and linefeed don't work
> but instead print characters).  Something's stuck/slipped but I have
> niether the skill nor time to try to diagnose and repair (though I'm
> trying).

Was it alright before you read the tape after moving the machine? And 
does it now malfunction if you type the characters on the keyboard?

Try pulling the reader plug from the back of the call control unit (it's 
one of 6,7,8, the other 2 being the keyboard and the distributor disk, 
trace the cable to find which is which). IF there;s a short in the 
reader, that would elminate it.

Do you know if the problem is on the transmit side or receive side?


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