KIM-1 repair advice wanted

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Thu Oct 6 18:43:52 CDT 2005

> Well, one of the supposedly-working exhibits is my KIM-1, but it died
> this afternoon.  I can't get it to do more than occasionally display a
> single zero, on the leftmost 7-segment display.  A cursory look with a
> logic probe (and no docs to hand) shows the clock is running and at
> least a few address lines are too.  I bet it's a memory fault.
> What are the common faults?  I'm hoping it's one of the 2102 RAMs,
> because I stand a chance of having a suitable replacement.  However, I
> fear it's more likely a 6530, and I assume they're unobtanium.  Has
> anyone ever come up with a kludge to effectively use a 6532 (and are
> they any easier to find?) with an EPROM?  Or anything else?

6532s are definitely not pin-compatible, and I've never seen any means of
converting them or integrating an EPROM for the mask ROM component. My own
KIM-1 is a little flaky and after awhile will do something similar, but
usually only after it's been running for some time or if there was a power
fault (and RS usually sets it right).

You could try replacing the RAM, but I don't think that explains your

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