OT for a sec: US wiring sources of info

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Fri Oct 7 16:29:22 CDT 2005

> 200A @ 110V makes for 22kVA per phase - what do you need all that
> power for?

I didn't write that, but, I'd want excess capacity. :)  I don't want my
main breaker to pop just because I have the stove, the baseboard
heaters, the laser printer, and the BA123 all on and happen to turn on
the hair dryer too.  You have to use peak load, not average load, after
all, when working out power feed ampacity. :)

> One special feature of Norwegian wiring is that we do not have any
> concept of "neutral", since the distribution transformers are
> delta-connected.

...??  Are your two hot phases only 120° from one another, then, rather
than 180°?  Surely not....

> Both phase wires are supposed to have the same potential to earth.

...which, at least in my (admittedly rather limited) experience with
Norwegian mains, can often differ substantially from the reality. :-/
I think the worst I saw was about 75V on one side and 135V on the
other.  But this was in a borettslag that quite likely had not been
wired as well as it should have been and was probably not that close to
its substation besides (note that 75V+135V = 210V, which is a bit low).

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