Manuals available :

Jos Dreesen jos.mar at
Sat Oct 8 03:16:21 CDT 2005

I have available the folllowing manuals :

Plessey PM80 Core Memory manual ( Omnibus core mem boards,, extensive 
description )

  Applied Digital Data Systems "How to use the Consul 520" (Description 
of an ascii terminal)

Calcomp 836 Technische beschreibung ( Manual for early Calcomp plotter, 
in German )

Calcomp Pen and Paper user guide.

DEC OS8 mark sense batch user guide

Control Data NOS2 reference set volume 3 "System commands"
         (For CDC cyber machines)

Terms : Free , you pay P&P from Zurich Switzerland.
In case of multiple requests i will decide in an utterly undemocrating 
way who gets what.

				Jos Dreesen

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