Best OS/2 1.3 or 2.1 Machine

John Boffemmyer IV john_boffemmyer_iv at
Sat Oct 8 06:38:14 CDT 2005

Actually, that is incorrect.
There are a LOT of people who still collect the older workstation 
PS/2's. Some places have entire sites dedicated to just that. A lot 
of chatter on the google groups is around workstations and 
not servers for ps/2. There is also an entire google group that is 
active that discusses the various uses of OS/2 and some bullshit 
knockoff known as e-comstation (often referred to by IBM'ers as e-con 
- as in conning you out of your money). 'main one for hardware'(don't use the as it is often just a bulletin board for spam and 
there are no real posts on it most of the time).
comp.os.os2 (piles of sub groups under it, personally, I use .misc).

As it stands, I use an IBM ps/2 8570 and an 8557SLC (thank you fellow 
classiccmp'er) on my TR network now and they can talk to the outside 
world over a transparent bridge/switch to the Ethernet side that goes 
to my broadband router. Yes, lots of classic and working perfectly 
well stuff involved there. I even know a fellow who at 1 point, had 5 
or 6 ps/2 workstations arrayed in Linux as a BeoWulf cluster (I don't 
even think I spelled that right, then again I don't use a cluster myself).
-John Boffemmyer IV


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