MPX-16 census

woodelf bfranchuk at
Sun Oct 9 13:58:23 CDT 2005

Scott Stevens wrote:

>Price is probably down to $50 when you buy 1000, but this isn't a board
>that we could find 1000 customers for at $50 apiece.
>It could be a realistic candidate for a two layer board that does the
>worst/most repetetive of the busses and power with the holes sized for
>wire-wrap sockets.  But that's a huge engineering project just to
>recreate something, and there'd still be huge amounts of wire wrapping
>to perform.
But what is on the MPX-16 that needs such hi-density? 286?  All 640k of ram?

>I once in my naive youth bought a 'bare kit' unpopulated PC-XT clone
>motherboard (this was from a Canadian company, btw.)  It was only a two
>layer design, and I never did get it populated.  It probably wouldn't
>have been stable, with the deficient power and grounding inherent in a
>high chip count two layer layout.  
>(okay, somebodys turn to say it can all be done in an ASIC)
sure why not ... Umm a 4.77 GHZ  XT    -- runs and DUCKS ....
Wait on second thought  you might get one at that speed since  you  
don't need
more than 16 bits.  Now a PDP-8 would be hard to do at high speed since
they have Read - Write memory cycle.

Still doing PCB's I think is a better way than wire wrap for more than a
few IC's.

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