MPX-16 census

Chris M chrism3667 at
Mon Oct 10 14:57:50 CDT 2005

> I wonder if there would be enough interest and/or
> resources to produce a
> new batch of the boards for it?  

 At one company I worked for years ago, we made small
circuit boards for some thingamajig. If the artwork
was available (and MM is still around, I doubt they
refrain from releasing it provided they still had it)
I'd be inclined to give it a crack my self, save for
the fact that it has 7 layers. The Radio Electronics
robot board which appeared in about '88 would be an
easier project imo. Only 2 layers, and they put the
artwork right in the magazine. I imagine I'm going to
attempt it this winter. I e-mailed the company who
made the prototype and distributed it, and they
e-mailed me the FORTH interpreter rom image, but
unfortunately that's all they had. IIRC there was 3,

> It boots
> using the serial console as I haven't yet tried it
> with a video card.  I
> might never 'bring it to that point' as that just
> transforms it into a
> kinda-PC/XT system.

 For what it's worth, it's exactly what I'd do if I
had one ;). I wouldn't be limited to that. I remember
he stated in the article that "in theory" a video card
should work. I recommend a PGA card - make that cards
- if you happen to have one (them). I don't, but I
have something similar, a dual card w/an onboard 80186
made by Vermont Microsystems. Anyone got the drivers
for it?

> I booted CP/M-86 on it...the disk... .A86 source
>code...CP/M on the three diskette set...third party
>apps...69 diskettes...some of the disks...'BIOS
source >code'...low level system things... 

 Dude, pleeease make those disks into images before
catastrophe befalls them :(

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