Glen *** : E&L Instruments Fox 1 Z80 Trainer chip questions

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Tue Oct 11 07:20:10 CDT 2005

Hi Glen

Thanks for the assistance.  Its now up and running.

Can you advise where I might get information on the various ports on both 
boards and/or documentation on the trainer?

Thanks Robo

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> On 10/10/05, ROBO5.8 <robo58 at> wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> I recently obtained a used E&L Instruments MT-80Z microprocessor trainer.
>> My goal is to teach my kids a little about microprocessors.
>> The trainer has 3 empty IC sockets U1-40 pin, U10-40 pin and U-11-28 pin.
>> The parts are missing on the board that contains the keyboard and 7 
>> segment
>> displays.  Neither of which work, so I suspect those empty sockets 
>> require a
>> chip or two for operations.
>> The parts are probably Zilog or Intel PIO's and a CTC (Counter Clock 
>> Timer).
> Good guess.  U10 is an optional PIO. U11 is an optional CTC. U1 is
> where the Z80 goes in the MPF-1.  On the MT-80Z the Z80 is moved to
> the second PCB and U1 is empty on the original PCB.
> Schematics for the original MPF-1 board can be found here:
> I have never found an online schematic or manual for the MT-80Z.  The
> monitor EPROM in the MT-80Z I have is slightly different than the
> monitor EPROM in the MPF-1, but I think the changes are very minor.

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