Intel 80C186/80C188 Evaluation Board? Re: Single Board

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Oct 13 04:43:14 CDT 2005

> > This reminds me of an IBM colour teerminal that I rescued about 10


> > Somewhat suprisingly for IBM, it was an ASCII unit.
> Are you sure about that?  It sounds a lot like the coax or twinax 

It will take me some time to find it, but I seem to remember some kind of 
character table (or maybe the control codes it recognised) on that quick 
reference card, and it looked decidedly ASCII.

> terminals that IBM made to go with 3270-controllers or AS/400s 
> (respectively).  The ones I've seen which match your description had an 
> RS-232 for a printer connection, but did their main comms through the 
> coax or twinax port out the back.  I guess it might be ASCII but 
> probably isn't an RS-232 terminal.

Again from waht I remember, there was no twinax connector or anything 
like that, just a DB25, which certainly looked to be RS232. I am pretty 
sure that was the host interface.

I will have to try to fig it out (it's small enough that I've forgotten 
where I put it... and check for you


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