Need Silent 700 schematic

Bob Shannon bshannon at
Fri Oct 14 16:56:00 CDT 2005

I can't even get the pin-out for the thing!

Does anyone know what pins to use for RS-232 I/O?

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Subject: Need Silent 700 schematic

> My Silent 700 has decided to stop working. Some of the time. It
> won't print anything although it will move the printhead for CR,
> LF (but not space or any other printing character) and will sound
> the beeper from Ctrl-G (BEL). The keyboard is outputting all
> characters properly.
> I took it apart (easy since almost everything snaps in place),
> checked the power supply voltages which all seem reasonable,
> noticed it was working, put the case back on, now it's broke
> again. Aargh. Must be a cold solder joint somewhere but there's
> LOTS of parts inside that small case including an 8080 CPU. I
> removed the three socketed chips and reinserted. Then I
> incautiously got a finger on either 120VAC or rectified 150 VDC,
> in an area I was not expecting "hot" voltages.
> =8^0
> At that point I decided not to play with it any more, at least
> without a schematic. Anyone got one, or a service manual? I can't
> locate anything online from Googling.
> thanks
> Charles

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