Releasing OS/2

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Oct 14 17:00:46 CDT 2005

> Circuit Cellar had a Z8000 and on card for the PC once. Does anybody 
> remember
> just what it ran?  Other than 386's was there any other add on cards for 
> the PC?

I assume you mean add-on cards with general-purpose programmable 
processors on them (to list _all_ the ISA cards ever made would take more 
storage than I have on this machine :-))

There were certauinly : 

Transputer (both all-on-one cards (host adapater + transputer + RAM) and 
TRAM motherboards)

68000 (and probably 68020, etc)

6502 (Apple ][ emulators)


Various DSPs (I've seen 56000 and TMS32025 ones)

Does the TMS34010 graphics processor count? (It's a general enough 
processor that at least one stand-alone Xterminal ran the Xserver on it). 
There was a ISA card with that on too.

I would be suprised if nobody had ever made a 32016 or Z80 card for the PC.


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