OT: Language for the ages

William Donzelli aw288 at osfn.org
Sat Oct 15 14:07:43 CDT 2005

> Hmm, interesting. In what ways other than the processor-memory model 
> could things have evolved in the early years? It'd be intersting to 
> speculate where computing might be today if it had evolved down some 
> totally different path very early on...

How about the model with memory and processor being one? The "closest"
production machines like this were probably the CM-1 and CM-2. Maybe some
neural network machines in the labs will finally hit the point when they
get useful. Or to really get wild, perhaps quantum machines or those that
work on probablities?

Processor-memory and analog were the easiest (by far) to implement years
ago, so that is why they were there, and the above weird technologies were
not. 30 years from now, some of those weird technologies may be quite

William Donzelli
aw288 at osfn.org

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