Friden EC-130 calculator schematics?

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Oct 15 18:49:48 CDT 2005

> No, don't have a schematic, but if anyone wants to lend me a physical
> unit, I'll reverse engineer it. :)
> (..seriously; it's one I have wanted to RE.)

You're generous... I would expect to be _given_ (as in, to keep 
afterwards) the machine if I was going to spend a few weeks/months 
producing schematics

Amd that is a realistic estimate of the time IMHO. Reverse engineering is 
a lot easier if you have one or more large chips (processor, etc) that 
can eseentially only be used in one way. If you find, say, a 8250, it's a 
very good bet it's going to be part of a serial port, that there'll be an 
8 bit data bus going into it, etc. If you just have a mass of 74xx gates 
and flip-flops, it could be almost anything. And a board of discretes is 
even worse, it might not even be digital.


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