Releasing OS/2

Cini, Richard Richard.Cini at
Fri Oct 14 10:50:52 CDT 2005



            There was a discussion a while ago about IBM killing OS/2 and
why shouldn't they release it under some sort of GNU-like license.


            Well, I think I confirmed an answer. There is an interview in
the October 12th issue of PC Magazine between Mike Miller of PC Magazine and
Bill Gates, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Windows. The interview
question is talking about the memory management of Windows compared to OS/2
and how Lee Reiswig (former IBM GM) was crashing Windows in OS/2
demonstrations in the early-'90s.


            Bill Gates continues, "It's all very ironic, because it's most
of the OS/2 code is still our code and we're still selling LAN Manager.
Whenever we'd go out and criticize OS/2, that group {within Microsoft} would
say 'we just took more friendly fire.'"


            There's the answer as to why IBM cannot release OS/2. I know we
alluded to this fact in the original thread but this is the most positive
confirmation I've seen.


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