Brad Parker brad at
Fri Oct 14 12:15:00 CDT 2005

"Jeff Davis" wrote:
>Well, your own example proved the existance of productivity gains - 3 people
>with a machine could produce as much as 10 people without the machine, ergo
>the 3 people are more productive.  If you give 9 of those workers the
>machines, and keep 1 around to do maintenance on the machines, the whole group
>is nearly 3x as productive.

yes, but what if the 7 people who loose their jobs leave town and the town
goes belly up?

if you measure at the planet level it all probably makes sense, but at a
local level it's not so clear.

20,000 unemployed textile works in NC who won't ever be retrained may
have a better understanding of this effect...  (but only in NC).


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