HP 262X terminal bits available (junk)

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sat Oct 15 17:17:04 CDT 2005

I got around to taking a mess of 262X terminals in poor condition and 
mixing/matching parts to get two clean good working units. This means I have 
a lot of bits & pieces of junk left over. I already kept some bits for spare 
parts, so the rest of this is going to hit the trashcan. Note - amongst all 
these pieces, you could not make a good terminal just with these items - 
there's little incompatabilities and/or missing parts.

I figured I'd offer the pieces in case someone had one of these with a 
broken bezel, missing set screw, etc.

2628A terminal parts: brown bezel/faceplate, main logic board w/2 94020A 
ports, very white top & bottom cover (no pedestal), power supply.

2821P terminal parts: printer unit, yellowed top & bottom cover, pedestal, 
brown bezel/faceplate, power supply.

In addition to the above - two crt tubes that fit either unit, both have a 
fair amount of spottage under the glass

The above is all going in to the trash today, which will be picked up 
thursday afternoon. So... let me know if you need any cosmetic bits asap!

Next on the list... 264X parts may be made available...

Jay West

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