Looking for RL02 cable and terminator

Charles charlesmorris at direcway.com
Sat Oct 15 22:47:23 CDT 2005

... like the subject line says.

Now that my 8/A is up and running it's time to hook up the RL02. I
do have the interface board plugged into the Omnibus, the correct
boot ROMs on the option board, and the RL02 has the Unit "0" plug
but no cable or terminator. I could make my own if someone can
tell me where to get the connectors that fit the drive end.

Also, I think someone cannibalized the disk brush out of mine :( 
There is a big open area towards the right rear of the disk
compartment and a pin with a snapring groove protruding downwards,
but nothing in the empty hole there except two silver-colored
tubes down below (air ducts?)... seemed pretty clean inside, as it

So I left the heads parked (blocked by the transport plate),
inserted the disk pack and ran the blower for a while anyway.
Fault light was on, load light was not. I didn't hook it up to the
interface board (obviously :) but not being well-acquainted with
these drives I don't know if it *has* to be connected before the
fault light goes off, or the heads free to load, or both...

I do have a copy of the "RL01/02 Disk Subsystem User's Manual" but
the service manual and parts list looks essential at this point.
Hope it's on bitsavers ;)

Thanks for any help.

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