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Holger Veit holger.veit at
Sun Oct 16 10:16:33 CDT 2005

for quite some time I have some magazines of COMPUTE ("Club Of 
Microprocessor Programmers, Users and Technical Experts"), a gazette 
sponsored by National Semiconductor, lying around which I consider 
worthwhile to be conserved for the past. The date I am talking about is 
around 1975..1977.

Some questions:
1. I have only some issues, namely V2N7...V2N12, V3N4...V3N7. Does 
anyone have other issues (and is willing to scan or copy those)? I'd be 
very interested in this epoch.

2. Scanning: You find a sample issue at (2MB). This was scanned B&W 
400dpi, stored as TIF and converted with Acrobat. My problem is that 
even with this some listing pages are barely readable, see page 3 for 
example. This is probably because of lack of contrast; the magazine is 
printed on light brown paper with dark brown text. If one scans in color 
with 600dpi (as in sample, 
2MB) this will result in much larger files - the raw TIF is 95MB on my 
disk, which is not a diskspace issue for me, but for downloaders; expect 
a single issue to be 40MB and more in size.
Do the "professional scanners" here, like Al, have a recommendation for 
resolving this?


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